Ayesha Gul – profile, interview & pictures


Pakistan’lı Aktris Ayesha Gul 

Birthday: August 08, 1979

When did you start your career? 2001

Debut Play: ”KASH MAI CHERRIA HOTI” for PTV written by Noor ul Huda Shah.

Your best work: So far ”INSANO JAYSAY LOOG” directed by Farooq Rind. Won Kara Filmfare Award.

What kind of roles do you like playing the most? I have given equal importance to all my roles, whether I play a supporting actress or the lead role. I do them all with integrity.

What is it like being part of Nachlay, were you always a good dancer?

Was wonderful experience…I never danced before, not even in weddings.


Co-Star: Javed Sheikh

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington

Favorite Actress: Charlize Thereon

Favorite Movie: Legends of the Fall

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite Singer: Whitney Houston

Favorite Song: I will always love you.

Favorite Food: Any kind of Daal and any kind of vegetable, don’t like meat at all.

Favorite Holiday Location: Spain

Your Hobbies: Books, Music, Cooking

What makes you happiest: To do something which can bring a smile on someone’s face. Anything can make me happy like people, morning, sea,boats, music , books, cooking, family, and friends.

What you hate most: Nothing

Your thoughts on Love: Most simply: LOVE! (either being gifted w/ love,witnessing love or giving love)

Your strength: ALLAH

If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be? Plastic Surgeon

Current Projects: Cactus Kay Pool, Aik Zindagi, Tum Bhool Gayi Hum Ko, Hawa Reet Angan, Kachra Kundi, Fankaar, Anuska, Dolly Aunty Ka Dream Villa, and many more.

Kaynak:forum Pakistan…


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